Management Expertise

Special Events

Catering to You
​We offer Celtic, Caribbean, Vegan/Vegetarian or Gluten-free, Kid-Friendly, PA Dutch, and BBQ Menus (Pulled pork both sauce and rub styles) also, Roasted leg of Lamb, and Turkey legs.
Hospitality/Event Management
​Premiere Hospitality also provides food and beverage programs management assisting festivals better serve their patrons by securing reputable vendors that offer a variety of menu options. This includes managing signage, displays, applications, financial arrangements, as well as health department regulations management.
Flexible & Versatile Menus
Providing flexible and versatile menus for festival and events. We have served 100,000+ walk up traffic at our food booths to catering dinners up to 3,000+. We also can do small intimate festivals and catering events. Have a menu idea- don't be afraid to ask if we can accommodate it!